RC Cars Basic Maintenance Guide

Much like any devices that we use regularly, RC cars can easily last for years or even decades when taken care of properly. There are even people out there that are treating their RC cars are their own cars, so you should really take a note. In this guide, we will go through some steps you can do to help prolong your RC Car’s lifespan.


Clean Your RC Car after a Run


RC cars are mostly used outdoors, and if you’re driving a 4×4 or an off-road one, chances are you have tried going through mud and other rough terrains. Even if your RC car can traverse through the terrain, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible against heavy dirt and sticky substances.


Make it a habit to clean your RC car after use, and ensure that you have the appropriate cleaning tools to make sure that it doesn’t damage your device even further. You shouldn’t be lazy about this step because repeated exposure to such substances may degrade your RC car’s parts and therefore make its performance worse.


Pre-Use Inspection


Before going for a drive, also make it a habit to inspect your RC car very carefully. Are there missing parts? Are there misplaced ones? Are there stickers peeling off? There are a ton of things you should check out, so take your time and ensure that your RC car is in the best condition.


There are also some RC cars that have screws all over them, and if yours has already been running for months or years, make an effort to check your screws every now and then, so they don’t loosen and affect the performance of the whole equipment. There are some early signs of a screw becoming very weak, so take a mental note of that and make sure that you are prepared if things go worse.


Tire Cleaning


It might be a similar step to our first one, but in this case, we want to be more specific. Tires are included to be one of the backbones of an RC car, and with a failing one, you’ll definitely have a hard time traversing different terrains. To avoid this, inspect your tire regularly and make sure that you clean every nook and cranny to avoid any substances and debris staying on it for a long time.


While tires can be easily replaced like those in the real ones, you might not want to do this regularly because it would be costly, and it would also take a lot of your time. Moreover, you may not even have the chance to find a replacement tire if your RC car model has already been phased out or is obsolete. In that case, make sure that you have some spares so that your experience won’t be ruined if one tire fails.


Check and Clean the Motor


Lastly, you have to get on the inside of your RC car. Identify the motor and ensure that it’s always clean so that your car can run smoothly. Motors aren’t really that prone to damage since they’re on the inside, but it wouldn’t hurt as well to check on them every once in a while.


An RC car is a great way to pass the time, whether it is for kids or adults. It has a ton of benefits but to get this, you need to take care of yourself carefully.

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